Takikawa Oblate Corp., Ltd.

How to Use


Assemble the oblate stand.
・Fold inward along the two dotted lines marked 1.
・Insert a finger into the opening, and while holding it open, fold vertically along the dotted line marked 2.


Place a pouch oblate in the opened and upright stand, and put the medicine in the oblate.


Remove the oblate from the stand and wrap it as small as possible.


Dip the oblate in water about halfway to moisten it, place it in your mouth, and swallow it with water.


Oblates – Made from Natural Ingredients

The only ingredients in our oblates are starch and water. We use rigorously selected, high-quality potatoes.
These natural ingredients demand an environment that can full accommodate conditions that change day by day.

10-micron Quality Created Through Sure Production Processes

Products from Takikawa Oblate are just 10 microns thick, making them soft and gentle on the throat, so that medicine is easy to swallow.
To manufacture high-quality oblates that are flexible and tear-resistant, thin yet strong, Takikawa Oblate carries out advanced control for each and every production process. Well-maintained equipment and the trained eyes and skills of veteran artisans are present in all aspects and every process of the oblate-making environment and sanitation. Everything is in place and functionally interlinked to enable production of oblates of dependable quality.


In addition to circular oblates and pouch oblates, we have also developed strawberry- and grape-flavored products.
We also engage in OEM production, and are a driving force in the Japanese oblate market.



About Us


Established in 1911, we have been devoted exclusively to oblate production for over a century. The history of Takikawa Oblate is none other than one of continuous research and prototyping. The goal of this does not end at mere product development – the equipment used in production, methods of reusing excess oblates produced in the manufacturing process, and the plastic cases that hold oblates are all the results of our own laboratory. As part of this, we hold over 90% of the global share of pouch oblates, our own original product developed in a search for configurations that provide greater convenience. "In-house to the greatest extent possible"
This is the motive power that has propelled Takikawa Oblate, as well as the driving force of the oblate industry.

Company Name Takikawa Oblate Corporation, Limited
Founded 1911
Representative Noriuki Takikawa, President
3‐3 Shimizuno, Hitokuwada, Shinshiro, Aichi 441-1338, Japan
TEL +81-536-26-1133 FAX +81-536-26-1011
3‐3 Shimizuno, Hitokuwada, Shinshiro, Aichi 441-1338, Japan
TEL +81-536-26-1133
FAX +81-536-26-1011
Number of Employees 45
Main Business Manufacture of medicinal-use oblates, manufacture of confectionery-use oblates, plastic extrusion molding of all types
Website http://www.boc-ob.co.jp/

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